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Devil’s Den Ear Wrap

An ear wrap designed with the devil sitting atop your ear, a great gift suited to fans of the style. A demon’s undertone belies your better judgement, subverting your conscience and the advice of watchful...

Dracula's Cup

Clear glass tulip wine glass with pewter vine stem, Swarovski crystal blood drops and red enamelled base. Size: H22 x W10 x D9cm (8½ x 4 x 3½")

Dragon's Claw Shot Glass

Clear glass shot glass with pewter dragon claws and cross base. Size: H7.7 x W6.3 x D6.3cm (3¼ x 2½ x 2½")

Dragon Skull Pendant

A pewter pendant of the skull of a dragon, on a 21 (53cm) curb chain and packaged in an branded bag, including guarantee and care instructions. Weight & Dimensions (approximately): H: 5.5cm (2¼) W:...

Dragon Wand

Carved from the fire bone of Jormungandr, last of the Draco Mundi. Shown with a magical pentagram seal on the reverse.Resin wand.

Draig O Gariad Necklace

A large pewter pectoral necklace of a swirling, entangled dragon surrounding a large, aqua-blue Swarovski crystal heart with two black enamel hearts, and suspending three matching blue crystal hearts....

Elizabethan Bangle

A pewter bangle with a pierced Elizabethan hearts design, set with three amethyst Swarovski crystal hearts. Size: H3.4 x W7.4 x D7.3cm (1.34 x 2.91 x 2.87")

Elizabethan Earrings

A symbol of a condemned and secret love from the age of Shakespeare. A pair of small, pewter, trefoil frame ear studs and amethyst Swarovski crystal heart droppers; surgical steel ear posts. Pair of dropper...

Entropassio Pendant

An antiqued pewter cut-out, heart-shaped pendant with thorned edges that incorporates the Eight Arrows of Chaos, at its centre is a square, red Swarovski crystal on a 21" (53cm) trace chain.True,...

Epiphany Of St Corvus Necklace

An articulated pewter necklace made of two flying ravens, one burnished pewter, the other black, and holding a separate framed and ribboned crystal heart made in two halves of contrasting Swarovski crystals...

Eventide Bracelet

A colony of bats flit amongst the crystal stars in their frantic attempt to reach the mother of pearl moon. A pewter bracelet in three sections; on either side a host of bats studded with Swarovski crystal...

Fairy Grove Earwrap

A polished, antiqued pewter ear-wrap of a fairy whispering into your ear, supported by fine leafy scrolls. It can be gently squeezed to comfortably fit your own profile and fastened at the lobe with one...

Fate of Narcissus Handheld Mirror

Stare long enough into the argent pool and one inescapable destiny shall befall all, be they God or mortal. A cast monotone resin, heart shaped hand mirror with a rose bramble frame and a skull and roses...

Fibonacci’s Golden Spiral Necklace

A flat, antiqued pewter, Renaissance-style scientific instrument pendant in the form of a Nautilus shell, with overlaid etched brass detail on a 21" (53cm) black trace chain.For 5,000 years the Golden...

Fleur De Lys Mirror Box

An impressive Fleur de Lys vintage style mirror box created with mirror panels and tiny rivet detail. This substantial box is perfect to keep his or her treasured possessions.This box is a part of the...

Geistalon Pendant

Antiqued pewter pendant of a heavily armoured skeletal unicorn's head, in profile, with black chain and 'morning star' ball suspended beneath. On a 20inch (51cm) black curb chain with extender...

Geistalon Unicorn Statue/Ring Holder

The thundering phantom of a legendary armoured stallion. With magnetic, removable horn.

Ghost Of Narcissus Compact Mirror

Glimpse the culmination of your mortal vanity, as you muse upon the futility of worldly endeavours with this secret memento mori.Resin compact mirror.

Ghost-seer Pendant

An antiqued pewter pentagram pendant, superimposed with a spread-eagled, black pewter raven. On a 21" (53cm) trace chain. Size: H4.6 x W4.2 x D0.7cm (1.81 x 1.65 x 0.28")

Glistercreep Earrings

A pair of antiqued pewter spider earrings with a suspended dark pearl body on stainless steel ear-wires. The petrified exoskeleton of a grotesquely repellent arthropod, satisfyingly immured to extinction.

Glistercreep Pendant

An antiqued pewter pendant of a spider with a suspended dark pearl body on a 21" (53cm) trace chain.The petrified exoskeleton of a grotesquely repellent arthropod, satisfyingly immured to extinction.

Gothic Ankh Pendant

A pewter ankh pendant set with a black Swarovski crystal. On a 21 (53cm) trace chain and packaged in an branded bag, including guarantee, Swarovski branded tag and care instructions. Weight & Dimensions...

Gothic Bat Necklace

Creature of the night in full flight. The classic swooping bat, pewter necklace with spread-eagled wings. Overall length 25 (64cm) and packaged in an branded bag, including guarantee and care instructions....

Gothic Heart Compact Mirror

An exquisitely carved window reflecting the beauty and barbarity of a lost golden age of mediaeval chivalry.Resin compact mirror.

Gothic Matrimony Necklace

A polished pewter bow necklace with a skull at the centre and studded with pink and black Swarovski crystals. Size: H13.4 x W9.5 x D0.9cm (5.28 x 3.74 x 0.35")

Gotik Tree Of Death Pendant

A modelled cut-out pewter pendant of a skeletal world tree incorporating a skull at its centre, set within a circular frame on a 21" (53cm) trace chain.The third incarnation of the world tree, the...

Hand Of Macbeth Earrings

A pair of small, antique pewter daggers with a small, black cabochon on each hilt and engraved blades, on surgical steel ear-wires make a great gift for fans  of the style.

Hand Of Macbeth Pendant

A small pewter pendant of a late Medieval-style dagger with a small, black cabochon on the hilt and an engraved blade. The pendant is on a 21"/48cm trace chain. A striking and unique gift for fans...

Harbinger Necklace

Black: black as a young raven with a black rose, hanging from a black ribbon; be wary of the herald that wears this token! A black pewter profile pendant of a flying raven with a rose in its claws, suspending...

Heartfelt Bracelet Watch

A 26 (67cm) long, 10mm black leather strap that will wrap around the wrist three times. The watch has three pewter Victorian-style floral mounts which freely slide onto the strap, a watch case and two...

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