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6 Pack of Aqua Oleum Jojoba Carrier Oil 100 ML

Aqua Oleum Jojoba Carrier Oil 100 ML Wholesale Bulk Pack VAT Receipt Provided by post and email. See more product details

Aqua Oleum 100 ml Vitality Massage Oil - Pack of 6

100% pure, natural and blended Profoundly energizing. Always check contraindications before use. The oil is extracted from 100% named botanical species. It has benefits of aromatherapy along with other...

Aqua Oleum 100 ml Witch Hazel Water Essential Oil - Pack of 6

Aqua Oleum Witch Hazel Water, Hamamelis virginiana, 6x100ml. A clear, colourless, pure distillate prepared from recently cut & partially dried twigs of Hamamelis Virginiana containing natural oils & 14%...

Aqua Oleum 10 ml Clear Head Essential Oil - Pack of 3

Aqua Oleum Clear Head, Breathe easy 3x10ml Synergy Blend. Clear Head has a pungent, pleasing camphor-fresh scent: this blend including eucalyptus & ravensara, produces an enhanced 'synergy' effect. Can...

Aqua Oleum 10 ml Frankincense Essential Oil - Pack of 3

Aqua Oleum Frankicense, Boswellia Carterii (Arabian Peninsula) Essential Oil 3x1 0ml. Steam distilled from the selected gum-resin, rich-balsamic scent, blends well with sandalwood, vetivert, basil and...

Aqua Oleum 10 ml Juniper Berry Essential Oil - Pack of 3

Aqua Oleum Juniper Berry, Juniperus Communis (Macedonia). Steam distilled from the ripe black berries that are crushed just before distillation. It has a woody-balsamic, sweet scent. Blends well with clary...

Aqua Oleum 10ml Lemongrass Oil

Aqua Oleum Lemongrass Essential Oils 10 ml has a fresh, grassy-lemony scent. It blends well with geranium, lemon eucalyptus, myrtle and citrus oils. The key benefits are uplifting / soothing, helps improve...

Aqua Oleum 10 ml Orange Essential Oils - Pack of 3

Has a warm-floral, citrus scent Blends well with lavender, neroli, mandarin and spice oils Key benefits are soothing / comforting and eases nervous tension For depression and stress Can also be used as...

Aqua Oleum Myrrh Essential Oil 10ml

Pure Essential Oil Myrrh - resin (commiphora myrrha). This oil has many qualities when applied to the skin. It has a cooling effect which helps to take off the harsh edge when mixed with spicy oils. Myrrh...

Aqua Oleum Organic Juniper Needle 10 ML (order 3 for trade outer)

IT has Fresh-balsamic scent Blends well with: rosemary, cypress, lavender & woody oils 100% organic

Aqua Oleum Sinus Blend Pure Essential Oil 10ml

A cunningly contrived blend of essential oils.

Rosemary Essential Oil (10ml) Bulk Pack of 12

The scent is camphoraceous and woody The character restorative, reviving and strengthening. Blends well with rosemary, ravintsara, ravensara & spice oils.