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5A Fifth Avenue Calla Zebra Grass in Cylinder Vase Purple

Crafted with a contemporary vase, this striking flower arrangement is a statement piece and features realistic flowers.

Antique Rose Bundle Cream

Fashioned with an antique design and delicate pink and cream flowers, this artificial rose bundle is complete with green leaves.

Artificial Aloe Plant Grey

Complete with a round concrete pot, this artificial aloe plant features realistic long green aloe leaves.

Artificial Black Eyed Susan Bush Purple

Designed with small green leaves, this artificial flower bunch features deep purple petals and textured centres.

Artificial Blue Hydrangea Bush Blue

Crafted from durable and low maintenance materials, this artificial hydrangea bush features a bunch of light blue petals with realistic green foliage.

Artificial Bonsai Tree Green

Featuring deep green leaves, our artificial bonsai tree is potted in a bed of gravel in a black plant pot. Without the need for watering, this low maintenance tree is a great alternative to a real plant.

Artificial Cream Delphinium Bouquet Cream

Crafted from durable materials, this artificial bouquet features cream blooms amongst green stems and provides a realistic alternative to fresh flowers.

Artificial Green Plant in Wood Pot Green

A great alternative to fresh plants, our artificial green plant is filled with pebbles and sits in a rectangular black painted wooden box.

Artificial Hand Tied Ranunculus and Poppy Bouquet Green / Blue

Featuring a selection of ranunculus and poppy flowers, this hand tied bouquet contains realistic artificial flowers in soft pastel colours.

Artificial Large Purple Hydrangea Purple

Designed with purple and yellow petals, this large artificial hydrangea flower boasts a realistic stem and leaves.

Artificial Lilac Garland Cream (Natural)

Fashioned with a long stem with dark green leaves, this artificial lilac garland features delicate small white flowers.

Artificial Mist Flower Purple

Designed with purple pompom flowers, this artificial mist flower boasts dark green foliage and buds.

Artificial Pink Hydrangea Pink

Crafted with pink and green petals, this artificial hydrangea flower features a realistic stem with a dark green leaf.

Artificial Pink Tiger Lily Pink

Designed with long, tonal pink petals and realistic details, this artificial tiger lily stem features opened and closed flowers with long green leaves.

Artificial Purple Hydrangea Bush Purple

Designed with tinted purple petals and dark green leaves, this artificial hydrangea bush is made with long-lasting materials for low maintenance.

Artificial Red Branch Red

Crafted with red and green leaves, this artificial branch requires no maintenance and features a realistic design.

Artificial Willow Spray Green

Featuring bending stems of foliage, this artificial willow spray is finished with hanging fuzzy green catkins.

Artificial Wisteria Spray Purple

Boasting a spray of light green leaves, this artificial wisteria flower features realistic purple petals and stem detailing.

Artificial Zanzibar Gem Leaf Green

Designed with two neat lines of round green leaves, this artificial Zanzibar gem leaf stem provides low maintenance durability with long-lasting materials.

Brights Gerbera Bouquet Red / Pink / Yellow

Our realistic gerbera bouquet features vibrant pink, red and yellow flowers which are a great alternative to fresh flowers and are easy to care for.

Burgundy Chestnut Spray Burgundy

Featuring a natural stem with a realistic finish, this artificial chestnut spray is complete with burgundy flowers and requires no maintenance.

Burgundy Hydrangea Stem Burgundy

Crafted with pink and burgundy petals, this artificial hydrangea is designed with a green stem for a natural finish.

Colonial Charge Large Oriental Flower Cloche Cream

Crafted with a glass cloche and a cream orchid inside, this artificial flower is an eye-catching piece that requires no maintenance.

Country Faye Dried Wreath Green

This decorative wreath is designed with brightly coloured dried flowers and leaves and is finished with a rattan material wrapped around the wreath.

Cream Hydrangea Bush Cream

Featuring realistic detail, our artificial hydrangea cream coloured flower is made from durable materials and will suit a host of interiors.

Cream Snowball Spray Flower Cream

Designed in a refreshing cream colourway, this realistic snowball spray flower is detailed with realistic leaves and durable materials.

Dahlia Red Flower Arrangement Red

Designed with dahlia, lamb's ear and eucalyptus flowers, this artificial flower arrangement is complete with a glass vase.

Dorma Artificial Lilac Stem White

Requiring no maintenance, this artificial lilac stem from the elegant Dorma range features white flower detailing.

Dorma Artificial Rose Stem Yellow

Part of the classic Dorma range, this artificial rose stem is finished with yellow flowers and requires no maintenance.

Dorma Beautiful Rose Spray Green

Decorated with pink and green flowers, this elegant rose spray features four buds with an exquisite realistic design.

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