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Oakley Weathervane Mini Cockerel Design

Made with strong steel Coated with long lasting black paint Fixtures are included

Oakley Weathervane Mini Cricketer Design

Steel weathervane. Black powder coat finish. Oakley Mini Cricketer design

Oakley Weathervane Mini Gardener Design

Coated with a durable black powder paint Made from strong steel Fixings are included

Oakley Weathervanes Blacksmith Weathervane

Durable and stylish. Matt black finish. Robust steel construction

Oakley Weathervanes Cockerel Weathervane

Coated with a durable black paint Made from a strong steel Fixing included

Oakley Weathervanes Goose and Goslings Weathervane

Strong steel. Has quality exterior powder coating.  Fixings included

Oakley Weathervanes Horse and Rider Weathervane

Design is made from strong steel has a durable quality paint coating Fixing are included

Oakley Weathervanes Humming Bird Weathervanes

External quality black coating Fixing and fixtures included Made with strong steel

Oakley Weathervanes Mini Chaffinches Weathervane

Strong steel construction. Coated with black powder paint. Fixings included

Oakley Weathervanes Mini Man and Shotgun Weathervane

Made from strong steel Fixings and fixtures included Durable black paint coating

Oakley Weathervanes Mini Witch Weathervane

Made with strong steel Coated with long lasting black paint Fixings are included