Rebels: My Life Behind Enemy Lines with Warlords, Fanatics and Not-so-friendly Fire Reviews

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A 21st century take on Dispatches, award-winning Vice News journalist Aris Roussinos tells the real stories behind life in a rebel army. The hidden truth about war is how much fun it is. However they begin, whatever their aims, wars are fought by young men. They fight in burned-out buildings and shelter under thorn trees. They eat their meagre rations, and starve for days cut off from supply lines. They smoke forty cigarettes a day and ride to war stoned, listening to Craig David. But the bombs and bullets are terrifyingly real, and the guys they`re killing aren`t always faceless enemies: sometimes they`re friends. For the last three years, award-winning journalist Aris Roussinos embedded himself with rebel groups across the world. Part travelogue from the world`s most dangerous hotspots, part eyewitness testimony to recent, bloody history, this is one man`s uncensored, unflinching account of living with the enemy.

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